Holistic Homoeopathy Clinic

Holistic Homoeopathy Clinic is an amazing,simple yet powerful journey into healing,adapating Classical Homoeopathy founded by our father of Homoeopathy Dr. C. F. S. Hahnemann and intigrating with approach developed and explained by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar .
Holistic Homoeopathy View of health Although current medical pratice recognises that there are connection between Mental,Emotional,Physical and Spiritual conditions but the dominent approach is to break the whole down into parts with seperate diagnostic labels.But at holistic Homoeopathy we Consider Sick Indiusdual as a whole and 'Treating the Sick Indiusdual and not diseare only'.
At Holistic Homoeopathy Clinic we utilizes the latest Software in the field of homoeopathy for better diagnosis and treatment and has been constantly keeping abreast of latest development and reseach in the medical field, and we are comitted to highest quality of personal patient care transcending the realm of Holistic Cure. We maintain the facility of video confrencing, e-mail,phone for extending treatment to distant patients.

Intigrity and quality Policy

Our Aim is to provide Holistic Health to suffering man.
Our Mission is to provide Consistentcy excellent holistic healthcare with minimum side effects.
Our vision is to meet the health needs of the society and reach out parts and People of society.
We serve our patients with dignity and respect.
Performance oriented and Comprehensive healthcare provider.
Intigrity and comparison with responsibility towards suffering humanity.