ABOUT Dr.Brijesh Gupta

Dr.Brijesh Gupta is in few of the Consulting Homoeopaths Practising Classical Homoeopathy in the city of kanpur.Born and Brought up in Uttar Pradesh,done schooling from Allahabad and Secured BHMS Degree from Agra University in the year 2012.

Dr.Brijesh Gupta received his training for Classical Homoeopathy initially under guidence of Dr.Surmeet Singh, Mavi Founder & President of HERF Jalander Dr.Mavi is an international Speaker and world reknowned classical Homoeopath.

further after this Dr.Brijesh Gupta worked under Dr.Ambrish Vijayakar and there after Dr.Prafull Vijayakar to understand the concept and approach of PREDICTIVE HOMOEOPATHY.

Dr.Brijesh Gupta is in one of the Dedicated Classical Homoeopath\ Predictive Homoeopathy fallower who understood the concept and started getting exceptional results in otherwise incurable diseases.

Dr.Brijesh Gupta has high proficiency in interecting with Patients and Recording their Physical,Mental,Psycological and Emotional details-requried for Appropriate Analysis so as to decide the Correct Homoeopathic Remedy by Classical Homoeopathy Approach.

Dr. Brijesh Gupta regularly attends Seminars,Lectures,workshop and camps Organised by HERF Jalandhar& Predictive School of Homoeopathy Mumbai and other Seminars to remain updated and has been Constantcy keeping abreast of Latest development and research in the medical field.