Our testimonials

Parul yadav

I was suffering from asthma problem .. Since one season is min. Requirement for complete curing of asthma .. And I am coming here since last 2 months.. Surprisingly m very much cured...

I m feeling relief. sometimes at night when cough caught me and there was difficulty in breathing I called my Dr. Brijesh Gupta and he helped me.. Anytime when I called him he always gave proper advice regarding asthma problem.. Also m feeling relaxed abt other problems too.. With this many other problems r also cured. I m getting. Overall relaxe here,.holistic homeopathic clinic has changed my life and m very much thankful to Dr. Brijesh Gupta... And his staff too..

Riya yadav

I feel good and reliefed after getting treatment from Dr. Brjesh gupta. When I started I didn't know much about homeopathy BT know I feel this is the best pathy.. And Dr. Uncle is very much helping nd always encouraging to me.. And inspiring too.

Since clinic is far from my house but then also I want daily visit here only coz of getting imp. And life changing tips from dr.

I feel drastic changes in my life.. And mostly mentally.. Now m much more stronger than earlier. My thoughts r changing n now m seeing my life in new way,in new hope...

So many things changed and I m very happy to know abt this clinic... N one last thing. I started taking decisions on my own, earlier which is not easy fr me.. And all the assistant Dr. Are also very dedicated and helping... Even they can also help you ... All r well behaved..


Doctor is friendly and good. At this early age I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and gynecologist advised me to go for surgery but I m not ready to go for surgery in mean time one of my known told me to take advised from doctor brijesh . Dr.Brijesh explained me about the disease and its consequences and its homoeopathic way of treatment which is very convincing. By god's grace I m completely cured of my disease in 4 months of time. Thanks to drbrijesh and his effective treatment.

Mukesh Nankani

I m completely cured of my anal fissure now no more pain and suffering. Thanks to doctor brijesh gupta and his classical homoeopathy clinic. His nature is also soft and polite except long history taking procedure. I recommend to others also for effective classical homoeopathy treatment.


Dr. Brijesh Gupta one of best classical Homoeopath in kanpur who treated patients with minimum amount of medicine as in classical way.

My son Aayu who was suffering from delayed milestone and speech difficulty,now has completely cured after 7 month by taking proper treatment from him

So I am very thankful to Dr. Brijesh Gupta .

Niti Agarwal

Our whole family is under Dr.Brijesh treatment since 2 years n as he is our family doctor we r satisfied with his treatment. Friendly nature patience of hearing n proper diagnosis n detailed counseling. But yes he do take at least 1 hour for the first visit for propped history taking n medicine selection.

We trust him fully n recommend others also for his holistic treatment.

Gauri Singh

I am taking this homeopathy treatment from the last 4 months and have observered improvement with my problem..

I don't say that I have been treated fully but am much better from the day I started taking the medicine. Hopefully I will be totally free from this physical ailment In near future.

I would like to suggest my friends and folk to come and visit Dr. brejesh for any kind of physical problem. Thank you!!

Deepak bhatiya

Dr. Brijesh Gupta is the best homeopathy doctor I have ever met he has kept my mother alive for the past one year who is suffering of old age problems including dementia and sleepless nights. Over all he has stopped me from admitting my mother in hospital.


Dr.Brijesh is my family doctor..everyone in family who has been to him.. Has improved.I m very thankful to him

Harbansh kaur

Doctors said that I had some white patch in my mouth and in near future it may become cancerous but thanks to Dr brijesh Gupta and his holistic treatment it is now almost cured with few symptoms remaining in six months of treatment.

Thanks to holistic clinic